Mash As Follows

Have sweet hogsheads, good yeast and clean water in your boiler; when

the water is sharp, warm, or half boiling, put into every hogshead you

mean to mash at the same time, six, eight or as many gallons of the half

boiling water, as will completely wet one bushel corn meal--add then

one bushel chopped corn, stir it with your mashing stick till your corn

is all wet; it is better to put in a less quantity of water first, and

/> so add as you may find necessary, until completely wet (be careful in

all mashings, that your mashing stick be clean), this is called soaking

the corn. Then fill up your boiler, bring her quickly to a boil, when

effectually boiling, put into every hogshead, twelve gallons boiling

water, stirring it well after putting in each bucket, until the lumps

are quite broken--cover the hogsheads close, after a complete

stirring--fill up your boiler, bring her quickly to boil for the last

mashing--stir the corn in the hogshead every fifteen minutes, till your

last water is boiling--put into each hogshead one pint salt, and a

shovel full of red hot coals, stirring it well--then put in each

hogshead sixteen gallons of boiling water, stir it well--cover it close

for twenty-five minutes--then put into each hogshead one half bushel rye

meal, and one gallon good chopped malt, stirring it until the lumps are

all broken, then cover it close, stir it every half hour, until you

perceive it sufficiently scalded--then uncover it and stir it as often

as your other business will permit, until ready to cool off.

In this and every other mashing you must use sweet vessels only and good

yeast, or your labor will be in vain; and in all kinds of mashing you

cannot stir too much.