Mode Of Managing The Doubling Still When Making Whiskey

Let the doubling still be carefully cleaned and washed out, then be

filled with singlings and low wines left from the run preceding, add

thereto half a pint of salt and one quart of clean ashes, which will

help to clear the whiskey, and a handful of Indian meal to prevent the

still from leaking at the cock, or elsewhere--clean the head and worm,

put on the head, paste it well; put fire under and bring her round

and run the spirit off as slow as possible, and preserve the

water in the cooling tub as cold as in your power.

Let the liquor as it runs from the worm pass thro' a flannel to prevent

the overjuice from the copper, and the oil of the grain from mixing with

the spirit. The first being poisonous, and the latter injurious to the


The doubling still cannot be run too slow for making good whiskey ...

observe when the proof leaves the worm, that is when there is no proof

on the liquor as it comes from the worm, if there be ten gallons in your

doubling keg, if so, run out three more, which will make in all thirteen

gallons first proof whiskey. If the proof leaves the worm at eight

gallons, then run till eleven gallons and so on in proportion, to the

larger or smaller quantity in your keg at the time of the ceasing of the