How To Build A Malt Kiln In Every Distillery

When setting up your stills, leave a space of about nine inches for a

small furnace between the large ones, extend it to your chimney and

carry up a funnel, there-from to the loft, then stop it--here build the

kiln on the loft, about 4 or 5 feet square, the walls to be composed of

single brick, 3 feet high--lay the bottom with brick, cover it with a

plaster of mortar, to prevent the floor from taking fire. Turn the

el of the chimney into, and extend it to the centre of the kiln,

cover the top, leaving vent holes at the sides for the heat to escape

thro'--Place on the top of the kiln, sheet iron or tin punched full of

small holes, too small to admit the passage of malt; lay the malt on the

top of the tin, when ready for drying. Put coals from under the still

furnace into the small furnace leading to the kiln, which will heat the

kiln and dry the malt above, by adding to or diminishing the quantity of

coals, the heat may be increased or decreased, as may be found

necessary. Malt for distilling ought to be dried without smoke.