Description Of The Process The Most Advantageous To Make Whiskey

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As it is demonstrated that the spirit is the more abundant in proportion

to the richness of the vinous liquor,* it is therefore necessary to

enrich that of the distillery* which is so deficient in that respect. An

exposition of* my processes will point out the means I employ to attain*

that end. A large whiskey dist
llery should be* able to make 100 gallons

per day, or three barrels* making altogether that quantity.

One gallon of spirit being the produce of 4 pounds* of dry saccharine

matter, we must therefore have 400 pounds of this substance for the 100

gallons we wish to obtain.

If 1 bushel of grain gives 2 gallons of whiskey, there must be 50 to

obtain a daily result of 100 gallons. I take Indian corn as the basis

of the fabrication, as that of all the grains which yields the most.

For, from my method, whatever grain is employed, the spirit is equally


I divide the still house into three different rooms, to wit:

One for Infusion;

One for Fermentation;

One for Distillation.