Of The Diseases Of Hogs

The only disease that I know of which seems to be peculiar to hogs, is a

kind of leprosy, commonly called measles, when it seizes them, they

become dull and sleepy, if the tongue is pulled out, the palate and

throat will be found full of blackish spots, which appear also on the

head, neck, and on the whole body--the creature is scarce able to stand,

and the roots of its bristles are bloody. As this disorder proceeds

chiefly from their gluttony and filth, and hot drinking of potale and

slop; to remedy which, it would be commendable to feed on cold potale,

or scarcely milk warm, to keep them clean, to mix salt occasionally with

the potale--tar their trough once a month, and give them a little ground


In fattening hogs I have known them improve rapidly, after eating the

warm ashes from a fresh burned brush heap. Hickory or willow ashes will

have an effect to destroy worms, and I think ought to be used, they will

eat it dry, when put in their troughs.