How To Make A Brandy Resembling French Brandy From Rye Whiskey Or Apple Brandy

Clarify the whiskey as the above receipt directs, after thus purifying,

add one third or one fourth of French brandy, and it will be then found

strongly to resemble the French brandy in taste and smell--and if kept a

few years, will be found more salutary and healthful than French brandy

alone. This mode of clarifying rids the spirit of any unpleasant

flavour received in the process of distillation or from bad materials,

and moreover, from all those vicious, poisonous properties contracted in

the still or worm from copper; such as foetid oil from the malt, which

frequently unites with the verdigris, and combines so effectually with

whiskey, that it may possible require a frequent repetition of this mode

of clarifying, to rid it completely of any unpleasant taste or property

contracted as above stated.