Of The Season For Brewing

The season for brewing keeping-beer is certainly best before Christmas,

for then your malt is in perfection, not having time to contract either

a musty smell, dust or weavels, (an insect that eats out the heart of

the malt) and the waters are then seldom mixed with snow; and then four

pounds of hops will go as far as five in the spring of the year: For you

must increase in the quantity of hops as you draw towards summer. But,

in short, chuse moderate weather as much as you can for brewing, and if

you have a kindly cellar besides to keep your liquor in, that will not

be much affected by extremity of heat or cold, you may reasonably expect

great satisfaction in your brewery.

Avoid as much as possible brewing in hot weather; but if you are

necessitated to brew, make no more than present drinking, for it will

not keep.