How To Order Apples In The Hogsheads

When the apples are ground put them into open hogsheads to ferment,

taking care not to fill them too full, or they will work over; set them

under cover, as the sun will sour them too soon, if permitted to operate

on them, and by his heat extract a considerable quantity of the spirit,

if the weather be warm they will work fast enough, provided you have a

sufficient supply of hogsheads to keep your stills agoing in due time

and order; about twenty hogsheads are sufficient to keep one singling

still of one hundred and ten gallons agoing, if you distil the pumice

with the juice, but if you press off the apples after they are done

working, you must have three times that number.

In warm weather five or six days is long enough for apples to work, as

it is always better to distil them before they are quite done working,

then to let them stand one hour after the fermentation ceases.