How To Fill And Order The Singling Still When Running Apple Singlings

When you perceive your apples ready for distilling, fill the singling

still with apples and water; using about half a hogshead apples in a

still of 110 gallons, the residue water, first having cleaned the still

well, and greased her previous to filling--put fire under her and bring

her ready to head, as quick as possible, stirring the contents well with

a broom until ready to head, of which you can judge by the warmth of the
br /> apples and water, which must be rather warm to bear your hand in it any

length of time. Wash the still head and worm clean, put on the head,

paste it, keeping a good fire until she runs at the worm; run off 14

gallons briskly, and catch the feints in a bucket to throw into the next

still full, if the singling still too fast, provided she does not smoke

at the worm. When the first still full is off, and before you go to fill

her the second time, draw or spread the coals that may be under her, in

the furnace, and fill the furnace with wood. Shut up your furnace door

and put in your damper; by proceeding thus, you cool the still and avoid

burning her; this plan I deem preferable to watering out the fire. When

empty, rinse the still round with cold water, scrape and grease her,

then she will be ready to receive a second charge.

Care is necessary in scraping and greasing your still every time she is

emptied, if this is neglected, the brandy may be burnt and the still