Chasselas Golden


Chasselas Dore, Fontainebleau, Sweetwater

Several qualities have made Chasselas Golden a favorite grape wherever

it can be grown. The variety is adapted to widely differing

environments; the season of ripening is early; while not choicely

high, the quality of the grapes is good and they are beautiful, clear

green tinged with beautiful golden bronze where exposed to the sun.
br /> Chasselas Golden is a popular variety on the Pacific slope and should

be one of the first Viniferas to be tried in the East. The following

description was made from fruit grown at Geneva, New York:

Vine medium in vigor, very productive; buds open in mid-season.

Young leaves tinged with red on both upper and lower surfaces,

thinly pubescent to glabrous; mature leaves medium to above in

size, slightly cordate; upper surface glabrous, lower surface

slightly pubescent along the veins; lobes five in number, terminal

lobe acuminate; basal sinus broad and rather deep; lower lateral

sinus variable, usually broad and sometimes deep; upper lateral

sinus broad and frequently deep; teeth large, obtuse to rounded.

Flowers late; stamens upright.

Fruit ripens early and keeps well in storage; clusters large,

long, broad, tapering, sometimes with a single shoulder,

compactness medium; berries medium to above, slightly oval, pale

green to clear yellow, with thin bloom; skin thin, tough,

adherent, slightly astringent; flesh greenish, translucent, firm,

juicy, tender, sweet; good.