Black Hamburg


Black Hamburg (Plate VI) is an old European sort, long the mainstay in

forcing-houses in Belgium, England and America and now popular out of

doors in California. It is an excellent table-grape but, while it

keeps well, its tender skin does not permit its being shipped far,

especially when grown out of doors. The vine is subject to disease.

The following description of the fruit is made from grapes grown in

the greenhouse:

Bunches very large, often a foot in length and weighing several

pounds; very broad at the shoulder and gradually tapering to a

point; compact, oftentimes too compact; berries very large, round

or slightly round-oval; skin rather thick; dark purple becoming

black at full maturity; flesh firm, juicy, sweet and rich; quality

very good or best. Season early in the forcing-house but rather

late out of doors.