Chasselas Rose


Chasselas Rose is very similar to Chasselas Golden, differing chiefly

in smaller bunch and berry and slightly different flavor which is

possibly better. It is a standard sort in California and should be

planted in the East where the culture of Viniferas is attempted. The

description is made from fruit grown at Geneva, New York:

Vine of medium vigor, productive. Opening leaves
inged with red

on both surfaces, mature leaves small, round; upper surface medium

green, somewhat dull, smooth; lower surface glabrous; lobes three;

basal sinus medium in depth and of variable width; lateral sinus

deep, narrow; teeth shallow, wide, dentate. Flowers appear late;

stamens upright.

Fruit ripens the second week in October and is a good keeper

though it loses its flavor in storage; clusters above and below

medium, long, tapering to cylindrical, compact; berries medium in

size, roundish-oval, light red changed to violet-red by the bloom;

skin thin, astringent, juicy, tender, sweet, mild; quality good.