To Make Elderberry Wine

The editor is happy in introducing the following receipts which he is

confident is hardly known in America. The great quantities of the

Elderberry, which yearly goes to waste, might with very little trouble

be manufactured into one of the most wholesome and agreeable wines ever

introduced into America.

To every two quarts of berries, add one gallon of water, boil it half an

hour, then strain it, and add to every gallon of liquor, two and an

half pounds of sugar, then boil it together for half an hour, and skim

it well; when cool (not cold) put in a piece of toasted bread, spread

thick with brewer's yeast, to ferment. When you put this liquor into the

barrel, which must be done the next day, add to every gallon of liquor,

one pound of raisins, chopped, and stir all together in the barrel, once

every day, for a week, then stop it close. It will not be fit to tap

'till the spring following the making; and the older the better.