To Sweeten Hogsheads By Burning

When you have scalded your hogsheads well, put into each, a large

handful of oat or rye straw, set it on fire, and stir it till it is in

a blaze, then turn the mouth of the hogshead down; the smoke will purify

and sweeten the cask. This process should be repeated every other day,

especially during summer--it will afford you good working casks,

provided your yeast be good, and your hogsheads are well mashed.

> There ought always to be in a distillery more vessels than are necessary

for immediate use, that they may alternately be exposed to the frost and

air one night at least before brought into service, always bearing in

mind that the utmost attention to cleanliness is necessary, in order to

afford such yield from the grain, or fruit, as may be requisite to

compensate for the expense and labor of extracting spirits--and

moreover, that the exercise of the finest genius possessed by man is

scarcely capable of taking from small grain, all the spirit it

contains:.... good materials will not suffice ... the most marked

attention is indispensably necessary to yeast; a mind capable of judging

of fermentation in all its stages ... a close adherence to the manner of

using the ingredients ... preparing them, and the use of sweet vessels,

with great industry and a knowledge to apply it at the proper moment,

are all necessary to enable the accomplishment of the desired end.

Note ... In scalding your hogshead I would recommend the use of a shovel

full of ashes, which will scald more sharply.