To Ascertain When Rye Works Well In The Hogshead

When mashed rye begins to work or ferment in the hogsheads, either in a

heavy, thick, or light bubbly top, both of which are unfavorable; when

it rises in a thick heavy top, you may be sure there is something wrong,

either in the grain, yeast, or cooling off. When the top (as called by

distillers) appear, with bubbles about the size of a nutmeg, rising and

falling alternately, with the top not too thick nor too thin, and with

the appearance of waves, mixed with the grain in the hogshead, rising

and falling in succession, and when you put your head over the steam,

and it flying into your nose, will have a suffocating effect, or when it

will instantly extinguish a candle when held over it, you may feel

assured, it is working well.

From these hints and the experience of the distiller, a judgment may be

formed of the state of fermentation and the quality.