Receipt To Prepare Potatoes For Distilling

Wash them clean, and grind them in an apple mill, and if there be no

apple mill convenient, they may be scalded and then pounded--then put

two or three bushels into a hogshead and fill the hogshead nearly full

of boiling water, and stir it well for half an hour, then cover it close

until the potatoes are scalded quite soft, then stir them often until

they are quite cold--then put into each hogshead about two quarts of

ood yeast and let them ferment, which will require eight or ten

days--the beer then may be drawn off and distilled, or put the pulp and

all into the still, and distill them as you do apples. I have known

potatoes distilled in this way to yield upwards of three gallons to the



May be prepared by the same process used in preparing potatoes, with the

exception of not scalding them so high, nor do they require so much



Will produce nearly as much spirit as potatoes, but not so good. They

must be prepared in the same manner.