Small Beer

As I said before, small beer is too frequently neglected, because the

master or mistress of a family drink but a small quantity of it. I

verily believe there would be less good small beer consumed in a

family of servants and workmen, than if it were inferior and bad in its

quality. It may be thought strange by adding the name of good to

small beer, but it must be acknowleged that there is a great disparity

in the quali
y of ales, and why not in small beer; on the one hand, it

certainly depends on what length you draw from quantity of malt.

Small beer should be let down into the tun much warmer than ale; and as

soon as it shews an inclination to work it should be cleansed; it will

then work well in the casks, and will have a quick, lively taste. Small

beer, not having a sufficient strength, cannot support a long

fermentation in the tun: for if it is worked cold, and left too long in

the tun, it will drink flat and unpleasant.

Now, as I said before, there will be no more good small beer consumed

in a family, than if it were ever so bad; for when a workman or

servant has occasion for a pot of small beer, if bad, he will, perhaps,

drink a part of it, and throw the remainder away, and, very likely,

carelessly leave the cock dropping, in order to get rid of such a bad

commodity the sooner. Now, on the other hand, if the small beer was

good, the consumers would take care to leave the cock, &c. secure,

well knowing they should not have a better substitute.