Attending The Working Tun

Attention should be paid to the beer when in the tun. It is a custom

with many brewers to put their yeast for that brewing into the tun at

one time: I will prove that practice to be very erroneous; for by

adding the quantity of yeast you intend to use at one time, may cause a

fermentation too hastily, and then you have no remedy. You should feed

your tun with yeast by adding a little at a time, as occasion may

require, for by so doing you will always be master of your tun of beer,

by having it in what state of fermentation you please; as the quality

of malt and waters differ, it will require more or less yeast to

ferment it, and by adding the yeast at different times you will be

enabled to form such a judgment as never to over-yeast your tun. Every

time you add more yeast you should stir your beer with a bowl or