A Very Necessary Caution

It is a common practice, when casks are scalded or cleansed, to expose

them to the sun and wind to dry, and there leave them till the time of

cleansing, then they are placed in the cellar, &c. and the beer

immediately cleansed into them; when the sun, in warm weather, has

penetrated through the wood and become so warm that you cannot

conveniently lay your hand upon them; this is often done unthinkingly,

but the casks b
ing thus heated by the sun causes the beer to work too

hastily; after all the care and pains before taken, it here receives a

material injury, by having, as may be said, undergone a second

fermentation, and will reduce its strength by working too hastily out

of the casks, and very probably may be the cause of its not being soft

and pleasant; however, care should be taken to get your casks perfectly

dry, previous to the cleansing into them; in hot weather place them in

the cellar, &c. some time before you have occasion to cleanse your beer

into them.

Attention should be paid in keeping your casks filled up after

cleansing, to enable the yeast to discharge itself from the beer, for

by so doing there will be the greater probability of your beer being

fine; if the casks are not kept filled up when working, the yeast

cannot discharge itself from the beer, which, in change of weather,

will be purging and hissing in the casks, and will cause it to be harsh

and unpleasant; this is the principal cause why we have so many muddy

ales. Attending your beer when working, by filling up the casks, will

be found to be of the greatest utility, as you will have no occasion to

use any device to fine your beer, which will only attend to