Mr. FULLER evidently does not know this grape, as he says it is the

same as Logan. The Rulander we have here, is claimed to be a true

foreign variety. I am inclined to think, however, that it is either a

seedling from foreign seed, raised in the country, or one of the

Southern grapes of the Herbemont class. Be this as it may however, it

certainly bears no resemblance to the Logan, which is a true Fox, of

the Labrusca f
mily. Vine a strong, vigorous, short-jointed grower,

with heart-shaped, light green, smooth leaves; very healthy, and more

hardy than either the Herbemont or Cunningham. Bunch rather small, very

compact, shouldered; berry small, black, without pulp, juicy sweet and

delicious; not subject to rot or mildew: makes a delicious, high

flavored wine, but not a great deal of it. The wine of this variety is

certainly one of the most delicate and valuable ones we have yet made

here and on the soil around Hermann, it will, I think, take preference

over the Delaware. Ripens a few days later than Concord.