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(Labrusca, Vinifera)

Regal is an offspring of Lindley, which it greatly resembles. The
fruit is attractive in appearance and high in quality. A seemingly
insignificant fault might make Regal undesirable in a commercial
vineyard; the clusters are borne so close to the wood that it is
difficult to harvest the fruit and avoid injury to the berries next to
the wood. The variety is worthy of extensive culture in vineyards and
gardens. Regal originated with W. A. Woodward, Rockford, Illinois, in

Vine vigorous, hardy, healthy, very productive. Canes intermediate
in length and size, numerous, dark reddish-brown. Tendrils
intermittent, bifid or trifid. Leaves large; upper surface green,
glossy and rugose; lower surface pale green with a bronze tinge,
strongly pubescent. Flowers self-fertile, mid-season; stamens

Fruit mid-season, keeps well. Clusters small, broad, cylindrical,
usually with a short single shoulder, sometimes double-shouldered,
very compact. Berries large, round, purplish-red with faint bloom,
persistent. Skin thin, tough, without pigment. Flesh pale green,
very juicy, fine-grained, tender, musky; good. Seeds free,
numerous, long, narrow, notched, blunt with a short neck, brown.

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