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Red Eagle

(Labrusca, Vinifera)

Red Eagle is a pure-bred seedling of Black Eagle which it resembles in
all characters except color of fruit. Vine and fruit exhibit the
characters found in Rogers' hybrids. It takes high rank as a grape of
quality and can be recommended for the garden. The variety originated
with T. V. Munson, Denison, Texas, and was sent out in 1888.

Vine medium in vigor and hardiness, productive. Canes few,
slender, dark brown with heavy bloom; nodes prominent, flattened;
tendrils continuous or intermittent, long, bifid. Leaves thick;
upper surface light green, dull, rugose; lower surface
grayish-green, pubescent; lobes three to five with terminus
obtuse; petiolar sinus deep, narrow, sometimes closed and
overlapping; basal sinus wide; lateral sinus deep, wide; teeth
deep, wide. Flowers semi-fertile, late; stamens upright.

Fruit early mid-season, keeps well. Clusters small, broad,
tapering, single-shouldered, sometimes double-shouldered, loose
with many abortive berries; pedicel very long, slender; brush
green with brown tinge. Berries variable in size, round, light to
very dark red with heavy bloom, persistent, soft; skin thick,
tender, adherent with some red pigment; flesh green, transparent,
juicy, very tender, melting, slightly foxy, tart; very good. Seeds
free, one to five, large, long, blunt, light brown.

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