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Moore Early


Moore Early (Plate XXIV) is the standard grape of its season. Its
fruit cannot be described better than as an early Concord. The vines
are readily distinguishable from those of Concord, differing chiefly
in being less productive. To grow the variety satisfactorily, the soil
must be rich, well-drained and loose, must be frequently cultivated,
and the vines should be pruned severely. The bunches of Moore Early
are not as large as those of Concord and are less compact; the berries
shell rather more easily, and the skin cracks more readily. The flesh
characters and the flavor are essentially those of Concord, although
the quality is not as high as in the older variety. The quality is,
however, much higher than that of Champion and Hartford, its chief
competitors, and varieties which it should replace. Moore Early is by
no means an ideal grape for its season, but until something better is
introduced it will probably remain the best early commercial sort.
Captain John B. Moore, Concord, Massachusetts, originated this
variety from seed of Concord, planted about 1868.

Vine vigorous, hardy, unproductive. Canes short, dark
reddish-brown; nodes enlarged, flattened; internodes short;
tendrils continuous, bifid or trifid. Leaves large, thick; upper
surface dark green, dull; lower surface tinged with bronze,
heavily pubescent; leaf usually not lobed, terminus acute;
petiolar sinus wide; basal sinus lacking; lateral sinus a notch
when present; teeth shallow, narrow. Flowers fertile, open in
mid-season; stamens upright.

Fruit early, does not keep well. Clusters medium in size, length,
and breadth, cylindrical, sometimes single-shouldered, loose;
pedicel short, thick, smooth; brush short, pale green. Berries
large, round, purplish-black, firm; skin tender, adherent; flesh
green, translucent, juicy, fine-grained, tough with slight
foxiness; fair to good. Seeds one to four, large, broad, plump,
blunt, brown with yellow tinge at tips.

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