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Mish is a favorite Rotundifolia in North Carolina, being planted
extensively in some parts of that state. Its outstanding characters
are vigor and productiveness in vine and high quality in the fruit.
Mish is named by many as the best all-round Rotundifolia, being of
value for dessert, wine and grape-juice. The variety was found by W.
M. Mish, about 1846, near Washington, North Carolina.

Vine very vigorous, productive, healthy, open in growth; canes
somewhat trailing. Leaves large, round, thick, smooth, leathery
with coarsely dentate margin. Flowers perfect.

Fruit late, does not ripen uniformly, keeps and ships well.
Clusters of medium size with from six to fifteen berries which
cling well to the pedicel. Berries of medium size, round-oval,
deep reddish-black with numerous conspicuous dots; skin thin,
cracking in wet weather; flesh tender, juicy, sweet, exceptionally
well flavored; very good to best.

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