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Malaga is one of the favorite table-grapes in California and also a
popular grape to ship to eastern markets. In some parts of southern
California, where the Muscats do not thrive, it is much grown, and in
the San Joaquin Valley it is rather largely used in making raisins. It
requires a long season and probably could not be grown in eastern
regions except in the most favored localities. The description is

Vine very vigorous, healthy and productive; wood reddish-brown,
short-jointed. Leaves of medium size, smooth, leathery; light
glossy green above, lighter below; deeply lobed. Bunches very
large, long, loose, shouldered, sometimes scraggly; stem long and
flexible; berries very large, oval, yellowish-green, covered with
light bloom; skin thick; flesh firm, crisp, sweet and rich;
quality good. Season late, keeps and ships well.

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