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Domestic Uses For Grapes

At present, when food conservation is being emphasized everywhere,
mention of the domestic use for grapes is particularly appropriate.
The country over, no fruit is more generally grown than the grape; yet
grape products are not as common for home use as those of several
other fruits, although many attractive and appetizing preserves can be
made from grapes without the use of large quantities of sugar, spices
or other ingredients. Few housekeepers realize the high quality and
the cheapness of the products that can be made from the grape. Thus,
grape-juice, jelly, jam, marmalade, grape-butter, catsup, spiced
grapes, canned grapes, conserves in which grapes are used, preserves
and mince-meat are among the desirable culinary products easily and
cheaply prepared from home-grown grapes or those bought in the market.
Only simple domestic utensils are needed in the preparation of any of
these products.

Grape-sirup is less easily produced, yet can be made in any home
without the addition of sugar. It is not only a good table sirup, but
is a most useful sugar substitute for the preparation of other
culinary products. The Muscadine grapes in the South, to be purchased
by almost every householder in southeastern United States, in
particular, are useful for these domestic products. Recipes for all of
these products can be found in cook books, and one or two bulletins
and circulars from the United States Department of Agriculture give
recipes for preparing grapes for domestic purposes. Farmers' Bulletin
859 entitled Home Uses for Muscadine Grapes is a particularly
valuable publication on this subject.

It is interesting to note that several large manufacturers of
grape-juice are putting on the market grape jams, jellies and
marmalades. It would seem that these delicious and wholesome products
would find a ready sale in the markets of the country, and that their
manufacture would prove profitable to the maker and to the
grape-grower. The greater the use of grapes for their products, the
better the grower can breast the blows of unfavorable markets and

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